Use Pendrive as a key to lock your computer

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Hey I have interesting trick for you. Are you tired of people touching your computer and making modifications in it without your notice. Wouldn’t be cool if your computer get locked up when you remove USB from it. So I would be telling you about the software that can help you to do this task quiet easily. So the below trick will tell you about how to use  USB / pendrive as a key to lock your computer.

USB System Lock
This is a free software. USB system lock works flawlessly in locking your system through USB. When you install this software it detects the USB stick and create digital key into it or you can manually create digital key through this software. As long as your USB is inserted to the computer the computer will work fine but as the USB is removed thr computer is get locked. You need to again insert the USB for unlocking the computer. Strangely the program itself does not come into the start-up list.

If you happen to accidentally delete the key from your USB stick while working on the protected computer you can reassign a key using Start > Programs > USB System Lock > Key Disk Generator.


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