Types of Building Area in civil engineering

1. Plot Area:-

The area which is surrounded by a boundary line (fencing)  is called as Plot Area. In simple words, the total area which belongs to you in a city or town is termed as a Plot area. The term Plot area is majorly used in gated communities, townships and named as Plot Area 1, PA-2 etc. They are useful in identifying the plot of a particular individual.

Plot area example

2. Built Up area/Plinth Area:-

The total building area in plot area is referred as Built up area. In simple, Area excluding empty space around the building is called Built up area or Plinth area.
Built up Area = Carpet area+ Thickness of All walls + balcony

3. Setback area:

The empty space around the building is called Setback area. The setback area is decided by Municipal Authority. In India, we leave 4 ft from all the sides of the building. The reason behind leaving setback area is to make ease for moving vehicles, ventilation and during emergency purposes. However set back area increases for High rise building and may go up to several meters.
Setback area = Plot area – Built-up Area

4. Carpet area:

Carpet Area is an area which is enclosed within walls. In simple words, Area excluding walls in the built-up area is called as carpet area. It is a working area of a building. Generally, carpet area is around 85-90% of built area.
Carpet Area = Built-up Area- Area of walls 

5. Super Built-up Area:-

Super Built Up Area is the built up area plus proportionate area of common areas such as the Swimming pools, Staircase, lobby, lifts, open verandahs etc.
The term Super built up area is generally used in Real Estate (while buying property) builders may add 20% of total cost of apartment to the super built-up area.
Refer the following Plan of a building in a plot picture for  clear understanding.
Definition of Plot, Builtup, plinth, Setback, carpet, super builtup area
Super Built-Up Area = Setback area+Built-up Area+20% of common area 
Hope now you are aware of Plot, Builtup, plinth, Setback, carpet, super builtup area which we use in civil plans and other real estate purposes. Don’t forget to add your valuable comments.

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