Hello friends, today we have something special for pc beginners. We have some keyboard shortcut which will really help you to operate any windows pc very quick & fast. I hope some of the shortcuts you already know but the rest are awesome you’ll really enjoy them so lets start..

– To copy  a text/item/image.
 + – To cut a text/item/image.
 – To paste cut/copied text/item/image
 + – To Open a file
 – To select all content present on given window or page
 +  – To undo the task which you have done.
 – Save file
– Undo last action
 – Redo last action
–  Windows menu
–  Next word
 – Previous word
– Starting of document
 + – End of document
+  – Search in document
 – Find and replace
 – Bolden the selected text
 – Italics the selected text
 – Underline the selected text
 – Zoom in
 – Zoom out
 – New Window
 – New Tab
 + – Switch to Nth tab of browser
 +  – Search anything
 +  – To go back to login screen
 +  –  To run any application
 +  – Opens Computer
 +  – Shows Desktop and minimizes all running applications
 +  – Minimizes currently running application
 + – Preview of all running apps
 +  – Peek Desktop
+ Del : Opens security options in Windows 7/Vista and Task Manager in XP
– Switch between currently running Apps
– Closes the currently running application, if no application is running, shows shut down dialog.
 – Go to address bar
[Note: We have checked these shortcuts on Windows 7 & XP]


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