If you have 2 or more than 2 files with unrecognizable names then you can change their names at once in a sequence. For example you have a folder containing 30 files of picture with different names and you want to arrange them by giving names “pic1”, “pic2”, “pic3” …..etc, then follow these steps.

1.        1st of all open the folder containing files.

2.      Press CTRL+A to Select all files. If you want to select or rename particular files then 
     press and hold “CTRL” key and then click different files to select.

3.      Open file menu and click rename or right click on any selected file and click rename.

4.      Now type the new name you want and press enter.

5.    If you type “pic”, the first name will be “pic” and the remaining files will be named 
     “pic1”, “Pic2”, “pic3” so on.

6.     Try it now and save you

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