make your laptop virtual router


As title is telling you that this post is about to make laptop WIFI HOTSPOT. There may be many reasons due to which we want to make our laptop wi-fi hotshot. Okay let me share a story of my friend because of whom I am sharing this post. One of my friends using reliance rental Internet dongle and asking me can I use android apps on my laptop then I refer  him to this post. But I asked him why you want to use android apps on your laptop. Infact you have a good android smartphone then he told me his problem that he is using reliance rental Internet dongle and don’t want to buy more Internet pack on phone then I told him let’s make your laptop wi-fi hotspot so that you could use your laptop Internet on your mobile as well. So friends here is the post to make your laptop wi-fi hotspot

Step 1

virtual wifi router
Step 2
Now set up name and password for your wifi hotspot.
virtual wifi router
Step 3
Now on and search wifi on your mobile phone. Now enter password and access internet .. Thanks to developers..

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