IELTS Writing Task 1



Always use the present tense to describe a table, unless it contains information about a time in the past or past dates, e.g. years, are used as categories.
Complete the description of the table using an appropriate word, words or number.
reasons for shopping at ASDA supermarket no. of men no. of women
close to home 25 20
good reputation 17 22
24-hour shopping 4 0
parking facilities 21 20
friendly staff 6 6
competitive prices 14 17

The table shows the main reasons why ASDA is a popular supermarket for shoppers. The top three reasons are its location / closeness to home, its reputation and its parking facilities. Of these, the most important reason why men shop at ASDA is that the shop is close to their home – 25 men rated this as an important factor. Women, however, prefer ASDA to other supermarkets mainly because it has a good reputation / of its reputation. They rated the location of the supermarket second. A significant number of both men and women also choose to shop at ASDA because it has / of the / of its good parking facilities.

The women felt / said / thought / considered this was as important as the location of the supermarket. On the other hand, the attitude of the staff does not seem to be an important factor asonly six women and six men rated this highly. Surprisingly, almost no one said they prefer to shop / shopping at ASDA because it is open 24 hours a day.

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