How To Protect Gmail Or Facebook From Hackers?

Dear Blog readers today I am going to tell you how to protect gmail from hackers. As you know today there are a lot of hackers to hack our accounts so our responsibility is to protect our gmail. your mail will be the backbone of almost all other accounts like facebook, twitter, etc. So it’s very important to protect our mail. 
This is a gmail new security technique. You can secure your gmail from these hackers by using the following tips.

  • Login to your gmail account .and go to Acount 

  • Click On Account after signing in

  • In your Account Go to Security option 

  • In Security you see whether  2 step verification is OFF if then turn ON that option for that you should click on edit

  Now It shows as given below. In that click on Start Setup >>

  • Now enter your mobile number and click on Send Code

  • A code will be received in your phone as a text message. Enter the code in the sapce provided and click on Verify

After verifying you can set a default device means we can login from that device without any code. if you need to login from other devices  a code is send to your phone. You can login only after entering the code only. If your phone is lost you can change the number from your gmail account by signing in from the default device.

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