How to Hide Hard Drives Without Any Software

To hide hard disk drives in My Computer we use some software. Some of them are paid versions. But you know we can hide our hard disk drives without any software. There is no need of software to hide hard drives by using this simple trick.

What is the importance of hide hard disk drives? Sometimes there is a situation like hide our personnel data and files without visible to others who use your computer.

This is because if your files are important sometimes others using your computer may wrongly delete your files. So what will happen, We lose our valuable and personnel information.

To prevent this type of data loss and keep your files safe you need to hide your files or hide the entire hard drive. In order to this we can use some software to hide our files or total hard drive. If the software is crashed then what will happen , our files will be deleted. So to avoid all these errors hide your data in a particular hard drive without any software.
Is it possible to hide hard drives without any software? Yes it is possible with the default Operating system command. The command is “DISKPART”. This is the inbuilt feature in our Operating System. By using this command we can hide our particular hard drive disk or hide the total hard disk drives except the OS drive.

How to use this feature and How to enable this feature :

Step 1:
First of all select your personnel information and place that information like files, folders, documents etc. in a particular folder. Next empty one hard disk drive and copy all your selected personnel information to that empty hard disk drive.
Below image shows the My Computer Window with all Drives.
total drives
Step 2:
The command name to hide hard drives are “DISKPART”. The full form of this command is Disk Partition. We can also partition our hard drive with this command but here I would like to tell about how to hide hard drives with this command.
Run command box
Open RUN Dialog box by pressing “Win + R” in the keyboard. It will open Run dialog box as shown above. In this dialog box we need to enter our command that is “DISKPART”. You can enter in lower case and toggle case also. Because the command is not a case sensitive.
Step 3:
After entering this feature and click on Then Diskpart operation window will be opened. Here type the command to list your all hard disk drives in your computer. For this type command as “List Volume” and press enter.
Diskpart window
It shows all your hard disk drives in your computer with label number as volume number ad label letters as C,D,E,F etc.. and the label name.
list volume
Step 4:
To hide particular drive first of all select that volume. For this use the command as “Select volume 4”. Here the number is the volume number that is appear before the drive name. When press enter the volume 4 is selected.
select volume
Step 5:
After selecting we want to hide that drive. For this the command is “Remove Letter F”. Whenever you press enter button the particular drive is hide. The technique here is you just remove the hard drive letter. So in My Computer the hard drive is not appeared.
remove letter
This is the process to hide hard drive disk in your computer. In Below image you can see the difference in My Computer Drives.
total drives 1

How to reopen that hiding hard drive:

Step 1:
This process contains most of all the above steps with one command difference. Open Run dialog box and type “DiskPart”.
Step 2:
Type command as “List volume” to show all our hard drives. Here you will not find the hiding drive letter but you see the volume number.
Step 3:
Just select the hiding hard drive number by typing the command as “Select Volume 4” and press enter. Here Volume 4 is selected.
Step 4:
To reopen that hard drive assign a letter to that drive. For this command is “Assign Letter F”. Here you can assign any letter in place of “F”. But that letter is available.
Reopen process
This is the process to reopen the hiding hard drive disks.

The Commands in Brief:

Hiding Process :

►Type “ DISKPART” in Run Command Box
►Type “List volume
► Next type “ Select Volume #”. Here # is the number of your hard drive
    Ex:-Select volume 4
►Type “Remove letter @”. Here @ symbol is your drive letter that is C or D or E or F.
    Ex:- Remove Letter F

Reopening Process:

►Type “ DISKPART” in Run Command Box
►Type “List volume
► Next type “ Select Volume #”. Here # is the number of your hard drive
    Ex:-Select volume 4
► Type “Assign Letter @”. Here @ symbol is your Hiding drive letter that is E
    Ex:- Assign letter E

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