How to find out Friend’s phone number with Magical trick!!

Hello Friends today i am going to show you to find out anyone’s phone number with magic.for this you just need calculator.lets follows these steps and enjoying with magical tricks.
                      ****You can Play this Magic with your Friends.****
Example :- lets consider your friends 10 digit phone number is 1234567890.
Tell  your friend to follow these steps….
Step 1:-Descritize this phone number in three part as shown here 123-456-7890.
Step 2:-Enter first 3 digits of phone number in to calculator.
Step 3:-Multiplying it by 40.

Step 4:-Multiply the result by 25.
Step 5:-Add next 3 digits of the phone number to the result.
Step 6:-Multiply the result by 50.

Step 7:-Add 1 to the result.
Step 8:-Multiply the result by 400.
Step 9:-Add the last 4 digits of the phone number to the result.
Step 10:-Again Add the last 4 digits of the phone number to the result.
Now Your’s turn and follow these steps…..
Step 11:-Ask your friend to tell you the final result.
Step 12:-Divide the result by 2.
Note- If result contain decimal value with 10^10 you should consider all values.
step 13:-Subtract 200 from the result.
Note-If your friend’s phone number starts with a zero (0),you should get 9 digits result .All the digits except the first digit.that means in final result you should put 0 infront of result.

Hope you Enjoy with my trick.Please post comment and like.

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