Hello Guys,Today i m going to show how to deactive facebook  recent Facebook account   permanently.It is quite easy for someguys but for some one they haven’t any idea about it so,this post is specially for those guys.

       I recomended you that u shouldn’t choose this option beacuse once you deactive your account permanently then you never can recover it.However,if u r tourchered from some thing on facebook or if you heartly want to delete your existing account then you can do this.

Lets start by some steps:

1.Open (Login) facebook that you want to be deactive on Setting
3.then click on Security
4.there will be appear Deactive your account on last of secirity setting Deactive your account 
6.chose any approciate reason for leaving that why you want to be deactive (eg.My facebook is hacked) Delete all applications permanently
8.Cliclk on Confirm you recent facebook account deleted permamently
10.Feeling Relief!!!!!

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