by:- ERG WI-FI

1. Open the Command Prompt. This can be done by triggering the Run — Windows Key + R — feature,
                 and opening “cmd”. And run as administrator.
2. Type “diskpart” to open the disk partitioning software. Accept the UAC security prompt, if asked.
3. Insert the USB drive.
4. Type “list disk”. The program will then show you a list of all the physical drives (HDD, SSD, USB, etc.) that are attached.
5. Identify the disk number of the USB drive (it can be recognized by looking at the size column;
                 it’s usually the last listed disk) and type “select disk X”, where “X” is the disk number of your USB drive.
6. Type “clean”. This will erase the contents of the USB drive, so make sure you have the contents backed-up beforehand.
7. Type “create partition primary”. This command will create a primary partition on the USB drive.
8. Type “select partition 1”. This command will select the created partition.
9. Type “active”. This command will make the selected partition active.
10. Type “format fs=ntfs(or FAT32) quick”. This command will format the created partition as NTFS.
11. Type “assign”. This command will assign a letter to the USB drive, which will make it show under Windows Explorer.
12. Copy the contents of the Windows 8.1 DVD or ISO from the created folder on the USB drive. (by extracting files from iso)

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