1) Pendrive as RAM

30075841_01_d-710x729_f-0_c-355x364This is one of the best-known trick that allows you to use your Pendrive as a RAM for your system, so as to increase the general boot up speed and also the operational speed of your system. It can be possible with any kind of Windows operating system, and all you require is a pen drive of at least 1GB memory ( Better be a 4GB one ).


1. Insert your Pen drive
2. Wait for the PC to detect the pen drive.
3. After detecting it, Right click on My Computer–> Properties.
4. Go to Advanced–> Performance Settings.
5. In it Advanced–> Change.
6. Select the Pen Drive & click on Custom Size.
7. Check the value of space available
8. Enter the same value in the Initial and Max columns.
9. Now restart your PC.
Now, check the general start up time and also the speed of your PC. It should have increased and the speed depends on the size of your Pendrive. Thus, you just used the space of Pen Drive as aVirtual Memory.
2) INCREASE Speed of Pendrive (Optimise Performance)
1. Plug in your Pen-drive to your Computer’s USB Port.
2. Browse to My Computer, and right click on your Pen-drive’s drive and click on Properties.
3. Click on “Change Settings”.
4. Choose for Better Performance and Click OK!
3) ICONS for your Pendrive
1. Simply find an .ico file you want to use or DOWNLOAD FREE ICONS HERE….
2. Name your .ico file as autorun.ico and put it in the root of your drive.
3. Now, create a text file called autorun.inf in the root of the drive and copy-paste (or type) this inside it:
[autorun] icon=autorun.ico
4. Save your file
You will now see that the icon of your Pendrive has changed to the respective icon you chose.
4) Troubleshoot Undetected Pendrive
Sometimes, when you insert your Pendrive on your system, it may not be detected automatically. This usually happens with some newly brought Pendrives & it’s a usual problem that we all will have experienced at some point of time. Some people may think that their Pendrive is not functioning at all and tries to dump it. But before you do that, you may try this simple trick. It may or may not work in some systems but this is a simple procedure to make your undetected Pendrive to be detected.
1. Plug in the pen drive on the system.
2. Go to device manager (or type “devmgmt.msc” in the run).
3. Click on “Universal serial bus controllers”.
This will show all the storage devices that you have connected to your PC including your undetected pen drive.
4. Right click on your undetected pen drive and click uninstall.
5. Remove your pen drive and restart your computer.
6. Connect the pen drive again.
In most cases this is known to work, so you may also try this before throwing off your undetected Pendrive.

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