Convert our YouTube Videos Into Mp3 Audio format

(How to convert Youtube Videos Into Mp3 Audio format…)

There may be instances in your life, while you search for a song in the internet (mp3) and fail to get it and at last found its video in YouTube or any similar sites.. so what will you do if you need only the mp3(audio) instead of video. Most of them download the song(video) using some YouTube downloaders and use some applications to convert it into mp3. 

These all need some time and consume your internet usage a lot. And it’s a tedious job. You may fail to get the output iff there is any error in your internet connection

But today I am with a simple trick with which you can convert your YouTube videos into mp3 online,without any software. Only you need is the url of the YouTube video. That’s all. Scroll down and enjoy the trick…

Go to 

In this field insert the url of the video

In this field insert the url of the video

Click on ‘convert’

Then you will be taken to this page. When popup appear allow java applet

Then your download will start within no time…
Browser addons for firefox,chrome and safari are also available so that you can do this conversion at a click..

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