Add a background picture to your USB flash drive


You can add a background picture to your USB flash drive. This is very easy to do, it takes just a couple of minutes 


  1. Open Notepad
    [Start – All Programs – Accessrious – Notepad]
  2. Copy the content in the box and paste it in to Notepad

  1. Then go to “Save as…”
    [File – Save as…]

  2. Type File name : desktop.ini

  3. Set Save as type: All Files (*.*)

  4. Set Encoding: Unicode

  5. Save the file to your Flash drive

  6. Find a wallpaper for your background
    Extension should be .jpg , as an example wallpaper.jpg . Sometimes .jpg part may hide.

  7. Rename it to wallpaper 
    Full name should be wallpaper.jpg

  8. Copy your wallpaper.jpg file to Flash Drive

  9. To see the result, unplug the Flash Drive and plug it again

  10. Open My Computer

For video click here

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